Maintains Industrial Presence and Progress

Zaree has a long-term management and investment philosophy. Zaree & Partners analyzes and manages the Group´s portfolio.


About Us

The Group (Zaree) owns a growing portfolio of companies with the goal of creating long-term growth and promoting stable market conditions. Zaree invests long-term in adapting to industrial and cyclical changes.


Zaree is owned by the founder Moses Zaree. Together with its management company Zaree & Partners creates, acquires, refines, and invests in companies within sustainability, market efficiency, security, education, infrastructure, transport, properties, and startups with cutting-edge technology.

Focus on specific sectors and markets


Our focus is on the future innovations startups with disruptive potentials, mature companies with stable business and stable assets such as Real Estates.


Mature Companies

Part of our portfolio is to focus on mature companies with a stable positions in the market and the industry in which they operate. The companies must have conditions for adaptation and further development of their business operations.

Real Estates

By investing in stable assets with low price fluctuation and correlations to the market. With stable cashflow, we are able to maintain part of our portfolio in real assets which sets the stable foundation that enables investments in other focus areas seeking high-yield. 

Tech & Innovations

By investing in the future of technologies and disruptives we are not only seeking high-yield but also to maintain industrial presence and to be part of the progress. We are mainly focusing on startups and growth companies with innovative solutions to change the market and industries.

A Group under steady growth and development

The Group

Our portfolio is a growing group of companies, with the majority owned by Zaree. Part of our portfolio is actively managed and other parts are managed together with our partners.


Zaree & Partners AB

A independent Corporate Finance firm offers advisory services to companies in need of financing, buyouts, valuation, analysis and acquisitions.

Zaree Group AB: 100% A-Shares

Ledoux Investment AB

A  real estate investment company with a focus on direct ownership in real estates with stable cashflow and long-term growth potential.

Zaree Group AB: 90% A-Shares

Partners: 10% A-Shares

Investors: Open for investors

Novin Ventures AB

A tech driven venture capital with core focus on tech and innovative startups in a number of different sectors and markets.

Zaree Group AB: 90% A-shares

Partners: 10% A-shares

Investors: Opens for investors in 2022

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